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SRI equities and bonds range


The term SRI, socially responsible investment, refers to an approach that aims to reconcile economic performance with social and environmental impact by investing in companies that contribute to sustainable development, irrespective of their sector of business.

By influencing the governance and conduct of stakeholders, SRI promotes a responsible economy.

The SRI range covers these two categories:

SRI equities range

BNP Paribas Easy includes a range of equity SRI ETFs covering major geographical areas: the world, Europe, the eurozone, Japan, emerging markets and the US. The funds apply the MSCI SRI methodology based on a best-in-class approach: we select the best companies in each business sector, so that the portfolio combines financial results and responsible investment.

SRI bonds range

BNP Paribas Easy includes a range of bond SRI ETFs. They replicate the Bloomberg Barclays MSCI Euro Corporate SRI Sustainable Reduced Fossil Fuel index, with different maturities (1-3 years, 3-5 years and all maturities). The funds offer investors exposure, with a low-carbon impact, to investment-grade euro-denominated corporate bonds, selected on the basis of MSCI SRI criteria.

Investments in the aforementioned fund are subject to market fluctuation and risks inherent in investing in securities. The value of investments and the revenue they generate can increase or decrease and it is possible that investors will not recover their initial investment. Source: BNP Paribas Asset Management Holding.